Roman vs. U.S Ideas

Citizenship, Law, and Justice

Rights of Citizenship

They have the right to vote they can hold official offices, they can also own property and go to court.

Not all Equal

Male citizens enjoyed all rights

Women had limited rights they couldn't vote or hold official offices

Slaves had no rights and little chance of freedom

Freedmen had limited rights they were former slaves

Roman Immigrants and U.S. Immigrants

The children of freedmen and women who are born in Rome and the U.S. are full citizens they have the same rights as everyone in the U.S. And the same rights as Roman men.

The Laws of the Romans


Inheritance- what family gets when member dies

Contracts between people

Laws were written in the twelve tables

Roman Justice

Natural laws giving every citizen rights

Connected to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness this is in the Declaration of Independence

Judges made court decisions from trials evidence


Fit the crime committed

Fines-pay money


Banishment-have to leave Rome


Execution guilty of treason

Patricide-killing your father,was punished by drowning you

Slaves were beaten,harder work, or often crucified