Millions of children go to bed hungry everyday. As a result of no nutrition, six million children die before the age of 5. Even with school meals children go home hungry. The amount of money the U.S spends on one missile could feed a full school of kids for a whole year. There are four main degrees of hunger; hunger, malnutrition,under nutrition, and food insecurity. Malnutrition is the cause of most of the deaths, but the other ones also play a big role in sickness too.
Outreach International has been helping undeveloped countries for more then 30 years. This organization was founded by Floyd Hammer and Kathy Hamilton. They have helped sixteen countries so far. Health, Education, Food, Clean Water, Small Business Loans, and Deforestation.


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How to get involved!

Want to help? You can easily donate to Outreach International in a few different ways!

(1) Buy animals to give to families. The animals cost range anywhere from $25 to 10,000.00. Animals, supplies, and community objects may be purchased

(2) Donate money . You can make a one time or monthly donation!

(3) Stay connected; Share on Facebook and Twitter!


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