Titan Times

Eastlake High School 8.5.19

Greetings from Eastlake High School

Dear Titans:

It has been a busy first two weeks back. We are in the process of finishing balancing classes and all staffing needs should be completed this week. New staff members will need to go through the HR process before reporting to the site. This can take up to a week. This week we kick off our first spirit week leading to the Lu Wow on Friday. Please see the Week at a Glance below for more information. Let's encourage our students to join in on that awesome Titan spirit. We will also have almost 40 students visiting from China and Japan this week. We look forward to a great week of friendship and understanding. Here are some big picture items for your consideration:

A. Laptop Situation. At this point, only freshmen, sophomores and juniors will be given access to laptops. Discussions are ongoing for supporting seniors as we move forward. There are pilots for open access at various school sites. I will update you as more information comes forward.

B. Calendars. Please be aware of the Week at a Glance to keep up with all of the events happening at Eastlake. I also included a visual below for Coffee with the Principal (this Wednesday!) and other community partnership meeting dates. I hope to see you at several of these events. Your voice matters. We hope to see you at Open House on August 15th.

C. Parking Situation. We are still focusing in on early September for construction for a drop-off lane in front of the school. We have also engaged in discussion with the city to use the easement next tot he school. I will keep you updated.

D. Safety (Videos). This week we will be releasing several videos reminding students of the Eastlake Way (Respectful Language, Actions and Attitude) and overall expectations. Several parents have inquired about the ability to obtain more video cameras for the school campus. I will discuss this with the the parents at the first Coffee with the Principal this Wednesday.

E. Branding and Tradition. We are in the process of reviewing our brand with various stakeholders. We are trying to get as much feedback as we move forward. We will share some of the discussions after meeting with the staff and various programs on campus.

F. Titan Foundation Movement. One of my goals for our school is to explore a foundation that works with Eastlake Education to specifically support the needs of our school.

G. Parent/Student Handbook. As we speak with the students about expectations, please review the same handbook that will be posted this week on the website. There are final adjustments being made as classes and new procedures were added last week.

H. Late Students. From 7:45 to 8:15 AM, the front office gate will be closed and the only gate that will be open will be to the right of the main entrance. Students will see windows open fr the attendance office. They will receive their late passes here. Students will check in here. After 8:15, students will enter the main office to report to the attendance office.

I know that was a lot to share! Thank you for your support of all things Eastlake High School. I hope to meet you soon. Never hesitate to reach out with any questions, concerns and/or comments. Go Titans!

In Service,

Ricardo Cooke, Ed.D.

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Week at a Glance

Click here for a calendar of school events.

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Titans in Action!

Getting into the Titan Spirit

Check out our amazing band (drumline) getting out students pumped up for the first spirit week.
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Visitors from Japan (in our AP Japanese class!)

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The Titan Way Pin!

We are recognizing students with Eastlake Titan Way pins. It has been awesome recognizing these great students who demonstrate respectful language, attitude and actions!
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Our Team

We have amazing teachers at Eastlake. If you have a moment, please thank them for being great advocates for your students. They rock!
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