Come to Tejas!!

You won't regret it

Join Stephen f Austin colony

Join our land my colony is perfect for you, your family members and your friends will be moving here so why don't you.this place will change your life more freedom,farming and ranching.this place is for your family and friends.come on over to wonderful perfect land.Stephen F Austin settled 300 families don't you want to be a part of that.


•want new rich soil/land.

•new start want a new start perfect place unless your a criminal.

•more freedom don't have enough freedom here we have enough.

•new place for your family and friends bring them here.


Our price for are land is 12.5 cents per achor which u would need to buy two achors why not ,more land means more come buy are land we got plenty we have enough for you and your family there going to come here so buy are land for you and your family.if you need some money for farming or other stuff I would be glad to lend you some money just pay me back anytime.