Duplin County

By - Finley Woodson

Where is Duplin County?

Duplin county is located in the coastal plain region. Duplin is home to multiple nice parks and farms, examples are Glenwood farms and cabin lake. The counties that surround Duplin are Wayne, Lenoir, Jones, Oslow, Pender, and Sampson. The largest town is Wallace, and the county seat is Kenansville.

Tourist Attractions

History and Government of Duplin

Duplin was founded in 1750. It is named after Thomas Hay, Viscount Dupplin, Later 9th Earl of Kinnoull. There are five members on its board of commissioners, the county manager is Mike Aldridge. The county seat, Kenansville's town council has five members on it. The town manager is Chris Roberson, and the mayor is Betty Long.