How to play King

by Connor Vagars

Today I will tell you how to play king which is a fun game to play with a group off any Size of people including 10 – 1,000,000! “OMG”


· A soft ball.

· A court. (with half line)

· And an even group of people.


1. First split the group in half. boy alot of steps :)

2. In each half of the group, pick one person to be king and they will go to the outside of the court, (with one on each side of the middle line).

3. The rest of each group will go inside the court, with each half opposite their king.

4. The kings will do a rock off, (paper scissor rock).

5. Whoever wins gets to throw the ball at the team on their side of the court. (a player in the court can catch the ball and throw it across the line, towards the enemy team)

6. If a player gets hit by the ball they join their team’s king, and start to help the king to get all of the other team out.

7. Once all players of one side the king moves inside the court and plays just like the others.

8. Once the king is out, the other team wins.


Now after playing this game play it again and again it never gets old!