Sydney,New South Wales

Sydney, the city with the Sydney Tower and the Sydney Opera House and spectacular accents are used there. You've gotta see it!

Sydney Snacks.

In Sydney there are all sorts of top notch foods to eat and places to eat at. For example, they like to snack on crocodiles, wallabies, and whitchetty grubs. While your visiting Sydney, try there kangaroo meat. Another snack they like to eat is vietnamese food. A popular restaurant they like to eat at is Harry Cafe De Wheels. Even though they eat some weird things, it might not be as bad as you think.

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The Sydney Opera House:

Eating next to the water:

Harry Cafe De Wheels:

Entertaining Entertainment in Sydney

Sydney has a lot of interesting places to visit. Sydney has its own Opera House. The Opera House has excellent singers. Australians also love rock,pop, and classical music, so you better like it. Slide into the Slide Lounge for a little rest. Even though its called the Ritz Theatre, Don't bring your ritz bits! Sydney has spectacular events and activities to attend to!

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Exceptional Landmarks in Sydney

Sydney has a lot of exceptional landmarks. Therefore, ride across the Sydney Harbor Bridge to see the beautiful water. The Sydney Harbor National Park is a wonderful place to relax at. The Chinese Garden is a great place to stop at after a long day. The Sydney Tower is great to see at night! Don't forget to visit these landmarks at night!

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The Languages of Sydney

Did you know that you didn't have to learn a different language? Australians are mostly taught English in school, they only have wonderful accents. The Aborigines have over 250 languages, isn't that amazing? Some immigrant groups often use their native languages, so try not to run into them! Most Australians speak English but some use their languages from their ancestors. Australians only have accents, not a different language.

Sydney's Spectacular Weather

Did you know that there winter and summer are not like ours? Summer is December- February, so don't bring your swimsuits! Winter is June-August, so don't bring heavy coats! The climate in Australia is based on the region. What region your in will help you determine what to bring on your trip. Up in the North is a tropical climate. Don't forget to bring your swimsuit during winter!

The Exciting History of Sydney

A lot of exciting events happened in Sydney. About 27 percent of the Australians had been born overseas. However, the Europeans colonized Australia, mostly the British. In the year of 1786, the British had wanted to set up a penal colony in Botany Bay. Years later, there was an exciting discovery of gold in 1851. A lot of Australians history helped Australia become a better civilization.


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