3P Agriculture Unit

Collaborative Unit

Since we have a flexible schedule this year, we were able to provide the students with larger chunks of time to work in the media center. This was a great unit to collaborate on with Ms. P. I was able to provide the students with print and digital resources for their research. I also researched Skype opportunities and we were thrilled with two Skype experiences with Farm Academy Live from California. The students were able to develop listening skills by participating in a live presentation and recording notes of new learning or clearing up misconceptions.

Lastly, I taught the students how to use an app called "Book Creator". This is a wonderful app that allows the students to create an ebook with narration. However, to make their product accessible to all, I was able to convert their ebooks into movies. So, you do not need an iOS device to view their finished product.

If you have an iOS device and want to view the digital book version of their product instead of the movie version, please send me an email: jmartellino@region15.org

All About a Crop Farm

All About Goats

All About Pigs

All About Sheep

Dairy Farms

Horse Farms

Life on a Crop Farm

Life on Chicken Farms

Pig Farms


The Apple Orchard