Uptown Poetry

By:Caesar Contreras

5/6 year old self

Cars and toys to play with

Apple slices ready for me to eat them

Energetic child

Sipping milk before I go to sleep

Acting silly in front of my parents

Racing my cousins for fun

Crying because I can't my way

Overwhelmed by the gifts I get for my birthday

Not able to eat a lot of candy

Telling on my sister because shes being mean

Ready to take a bath

Eating soup and animal crackers

Riding the little rides at stores

Animal crackers in my soup

Swimming in my arm floats

Life is like an Ocean

Life is like an ocean

cause its dark,



Waves that are weak

keep us down

strong waves

keep us up

Ode to Soccer

Open for a pass

I get the ball

he goes for a shot


The crowd goes wild


yelling,and making

noise because of the goal

With 10 second left

Croatia can still tie it up

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3 Croatia takes

a shot no goal Mexico wins

Elegy to losing

I thought the lied soccer

team was going to be

good but we lost every

game and still scored

When we practiced kids

would mess around or

forget their stuff and the

coach would make us run

It was sad that

we lost every game

but I still had

fun playing the game


I had a soccer game

on Saturday afternoon

at the park on

beautifully cut

green grass

Five senses

A beautiful beach with sand and water

the wind blowing and water splashing

the salty water in the breeze

a juicy orange that's ripe

comfortable setting of the beach


The tiny prey walking

it growling trying to scare me

his fear inside of him

juicy red meat

full from devouring him


Daily journal


reading and writing

discussions on stories

new ideas


exciting stories

new vocabulary

Learning new genres and poems

33/34 years old

Crazy turn up parties at my beach house

Amazing cars in my garage

Expensive shoes I have

Soccer star

Amazing inspiration

Riding in my Ferrari

Clothing is expensive

Out of this world fans

Never ending parties

The greatest father

Rare jewelry for my wife

Enjoying my life

Reading a book to my kids to put them asleep

A family to enjoy

Swimming in my inside pool