1C Times

March 21st, 2016

Language Arts

This week, we are focusing on point of view and using context clues in reading. We are also continuing to practice the writing process, writing about 3 wishes. Spelling this week will focus on the "oa" and"ow" spelling patterns.


In math, we will wrap up working with word problems, using the strategies we have learned. We will also continue working with graphs. We will use technology to to show and explain our thought processes about how we solve problems.

Science / Social Studies

This week, we will be sharing our animal research with our classmates. We will also provide feedback about what learned from each other about their animals and about what we liked about their presentations..

Important Dates

Tues., March 22nd: Outdoor Learning Center Ribbon Cutting Ceremony @ 8:30am

Wed., March 23rd: Library

Thurs., March 24th: End of 3rd 9 Weeks Spirit Rally @ 8:15

Fri., March 25th: Bad Weather Day NO SCHOOL!