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Spooky Season Update


As usual, Halloween will be celebrated on October 31st. Trick-or-treating will happen on Monday October 31st, 2022.

The Halloween parade will start at the Clubhouse at 4:30pm.

Shiloh Farms New CMA portal

Please remember to contact CMA through this portal. You should have received your login info by now. If you have not received it, please contact Carrie Neville
Shiloh Farms New CMA portal

Please remember to use the new Shiloh Farms CMA portal to contact CMA.

POA (Property Owners Association)

We will be spotlighting sections of the POA submission over the next few Scoops. We introduced the entire POA submission in the last Scoop so, please refer to it for comprehensive details of the POA submission. We will vote on submission to the POA at our annual meeting in late January and will have a town hall with our lawyer to answer any questions from the community in mid January, 2023.

Renting restrictions: Why should I care?

The Board currently has no capacity to place renting restrictions on our community. Rented properties are typically not as well maintained as properties where owners reside. Placing a restriction on the numbers of renters in the neighborhood would help to maintain a higher standard and property value of our community. The only way to create renting restrictions in a community is to first submit to the POA.

  • Enforceable Amendments: Based on certain Georgia case law, some covenant amendments (including those that seek to change provisions governing the use of property in the community, such as leasing regulations) might be enforceable only against owners who vote to approve of the amendment. However, by submitting to the POAA, communities ensure that all covenant amendments, if properly approved by at least two-thirds of the members, are enforceable against all owners in the community. Therefore, for most any community seeking to amend the governing documents to implement leasing procedures and regulations, the first step must be submission to the POAA.

Are we the only neighborhood in Forsyth submitting to the POA?

No, we are in good company.

    • Many of Shiloh Farms’ neighboring communities have already submitted to the POAA, including Laurel Springs, Traditions, and Windermere Park. Creekstone is also in the process of voting on submitting to the POA

    What is another benefit of submitting to the POA?

    Reduced legal fees associated with liens on unpaid properties because of the automatic lien created by the POA.

    • Automatic Liens: The POAA creates an automatic lien against a delinquent owner’s lot. This means the association will no longer be required to file paper liens at the county courthouse for unpaid assessments or other charges to secure its claim for unpaid assessments.
    Previous Shiloh Scoop detailing POA

    All previous scoops can be found at

    Forsyth County Transportation Summit 2022

    Shiloh HOA Board members attended the summit this year. Many projects will directly affect our area.

    Ronald Reagan projected completion date is the end of 2023.

    Shiloh Road East and Shiloh Road round-a-bout work has started.

    TSPLOST: Please consider voting YES on the TSPLOST. Sidewalks are a major ask in our area, in addition to the expansion of roads and highways. This money (over one billion dollars raised in 10 years) will go to the improved infrastructure in Forsyth County. 41 other counties in Georgia have already taken advantage of the TSPLOST. T-SPLOST is a one cent sales tax that would be paid by everyone who spends money in Forsyth County – and uses our roads – so that the tax would not fall solely on property owners. TSPLOST would also allow the County to make investments in transportation without incurring new debt.

    Driving on Shiloh Road and inside neighborhood sub sections

    PLEASE slow down and stop at all stop signs. The main streets of Crofton, Ridgefield, and Belmont are all curvy. Please stay in your lane and pay attention as you travel.

    Try to take pictures of license plates of speeders, people who don't stop at stop signs, and people who do not stop at the crosswalk. Call the police non emergency line and submit the plate number.

    Lead by example and go 30 mph on Shiloh forcing other drivers to maintain that speed as well.

    Use extreme caution when crossing at the crosswalk even if the lights are flashing, only cross when you know traffic is stopping for you.

    No one volunteered after the last Scoop to find ways to put pressure on the county. The Board has exhausted the topic with the County and needs a committee to take this point any further. If you would like to volunteer and feel you can form a committee, please contact

    Update on Homeowner dues for 2023

    As we all know, everything is more expensive now. The Board has taken on an extensive project to bid out all major vendors of services for our neighborhood to ensure we are getting good prices and services. Each vendor, pool, landscaping, tree services, trash, etc are all going up in prices. Please expect HOA fees to increase in line with inflation plus an additional amount to cover a full twelve months of trash service* in 2023 as we continue to maintain and improve our beautiful but aging neighborhood.

    *(please recall that we only paid for 9 months of trash service in 2022)

    ACC compliance

    Any exterior project or addition to your house MUST be approved by CMA before the work begins. You will be subject to a $200 fine if you do not get CMA approval before the work starts and you may be asked to repaint or take down the project if you did not receive approval before starting the work.

    We have all chosen to live within a homeowners association. The point of a homeowners association is to maintain a certain standard in the neighborhood to protect property values. Please get approval before starting projects. You can request approval through the portal by going to My Items > Submit a Request > ARC Request.

    Shiloh Farms Fall Festival

    Sunday, Nov. 6th, 2-4pm

    6025 Shiloh Road East

    Alpharetta, GA

    The Shiloh Farms Annual Fall Festival is right around the corner! It will be held on Sunday, November 6th, from 2-4 pm. We hope you will join us for a fun-filled family event. There will be bounce houses, obstacle courses, a petting zoo, face painters, crafts, games, and lots of snacks! If you’d like to bring some snack food items for our petting zoo guests, such as carrots, lettuce, celery, etc., that would be greatly appreciated as well. If you have any questions, please contact Christy Louella at or (609) 760-1645, or Amy McCulley at or (254) 247-4837.
    Sign up to Volunteer at the Fall Festival

    WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! Please help us to make this event run smoothly.

    Shiloh Farms HOA BOD

    Director Hokan Ojert President Ridgefield

    Director Jane McLain Vice President Belmont

    Director Gary Nixon Treasurer Belmont

    Director Lance Hall Secretary Belmont

    Director Dawn Bourg Member at Large Crofton

    Association Manager (CMA) Carrie Neville 404-835-9216 CMA