World War I Tanks

The British Mark V Star

History of tanks

Due to trench warfare the British needed better equipment. So they made an initial armored vehicle called "Little WIllie". They developed that into the Mark I Tank. Early tanks were highly unreliable since there was no airflow. Most tanks then weren't destroyed, they were abandoned by their crew since the air was becoming very polluted. The tanks had a crew of 8 people. Some tanks even had a crew of 14 people which got very crowded and uncomfortable.

British Mark V "Star"

The Mark V tank was developed in 1918, an upgrade from the Mark IV tank. It was deployed in World War 1. It was in service from 1918-1945. The tank had a crew of 8 people, a commander, driver, and six gunners. The tank had 2 57mm cannons on each side, 3 gunners for each gun. 400 of these tanks were built. This tank had 2 variants, the Male and Female version. Both tanks were very similar, the Female version was 1 ton lighter than the Male version. The armor was sufficient for taking machine gun fire. It had 16mm in the front, 12mm on the sides, and 8mm on the roof and "belly". These tanks were extremely slow going at a max top speed of 5 miles per hour. The tank was very successful.