Weekly Highlights

Mrs. Jaeger's 5th Grade

News and Notes

Friday, December 18th - School Store is Open

Wednesday, December 23rd - Holiday Sing (9:30) and Holiday Party (2:00-2:45)

Monday, January 4th 2016 - Back to School

BIG NEWS: Philadelphia Field Trip Booked for Friday, May 27th. If you want to join us as a chaperon, remember you must have your clearances completed and on file. See the district link http://www.cbsd.org/Page/355 for more information. You can only join us IF you have these clearances completed, no exceptions.


Social Studies Tests were graded and will be handed back on Monday. There are NO content tests scheduled at this time.

Science will begin mid January with the topic of Energy.

Classroom Jobs: Students applied for new jobs for the next marking period (and then some) ask your child what their new job is!

Classroom Auction: I will be heading to 5 Below to purchase items for our classroom auction. We will hold the auction on Monday or Tuesday and items will be purchased with classroom cash. If you have any "treasures" you would like to donate to the auction, I will happily add them to the stash. If I can, I will take photos of the event, it is so much fun!



We ended our week by writing another free verse poem, this time with the prompt, "The Best Part of Me". I had remembered a book I flipped through a book awhile back (which I cannot find in stores) that was filled with black and white photos of students' best features and accompanied by a poem students had written. I liked the idea of forcing students to think positively about themselves (especially as the tweens are around the corner) and look close enough to identify one feature that they felt was special. I asked the students to write a poem about that topic and why specifically that feature was important to them. The poems are coming along fabulously and I will be picking up the photos I took from Target this week so that we can publish them together. I am looking forward to displaying them in our classroom and I will send along a copy for you as well. See the sample photos above to get an idea of the various topics students selected.

Door Decorating Contest at Bridge Valley