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By Jared Fortier

What is Global Warming and Global Climate Change?

Global Climate Change and Global Warming is the universal warming of the earth. This is when heat energy from the sun becomes trapped inside the earths atmosphere. Heat energy is the solar energy that radiates to the earth and warms the earths surface. This energy is supposed to reflect off the earths surface and back into outer space. The problem that Global Climate Change brings is that the heat is being trapped in the earths atmosphere, warming the earth too much and causing environmental issues around the world and the climate to change quickly.

What is the fundamental cause of these problems from Global Climate Change?

The fundamental cause of the problems from Global Climate Change is the emissions of greenhouse gases. Greenhouse Gases are gases that are created from burning fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are sources of energy that can only be used once and then it is gone. Fossil fuels are burned in factories and the harmful gases come out of smoke stacks. The gases that come off these fuels pollute the atmosphere, some of these gases are Carbon Dioxide, Sulfur Dioxide, and Nitric Oxide. These gases are the problem that makes Global Climate Change happen, by trapping the heat energy in the earths atmosphere and warming the earth.
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What are some consequences of global climate change?

The consequences of Global Climate Change, effect the environment and everything around us. The warming of the earth is effecting the polar ice caps and the glaciers, causing them to melt and to slowly become part of the ocean. This leaves animals without land to live on, including polar bears which are close to extinction. Another consequence is the rising of sea level from all the new water being added from the melting ice. Over time this could put the low level coastlines completely underwater and forces people to move their homes. The final consequence that I believe could happen from Global Warming is the loss of food growth. The rising temperatures from the climates being changed could ruin the growing of plants and crops. All of these consequences could impact our lives greatly.

What are specific actions a middle schooler can take to help reduce their carbon emissions?

Middle School children can reduce their carbon emissions by being 'Green" and doing things themselves to help. To help remove greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, they can plant a tree or any other ideas they have to give back to the environment. Another easy thing anyone can do is recycle, for example having a reusable grocery bag helps by not throwing away plastic bags. Overall, even helping to reduce your carbon foot print a little is helpful. Giving back to the planet is our goal, if we all work together, we can make a difference.

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