how the religions started....


Do you know the differences and similarities between Buddhism and Hinduism? They have many similarities but also have many differences in between. the 2 religions are not very popular in the u.s. but they are very popular in the eastern part of the world!


Buddhism believes in no God! Everyone is equal in the Buddhism religion. Everyone who practices the Buddhism religion follows the eight fold path and the four noble truths. They have no sacred text. Buddhism started 563 b.c.


Hinduism is a polytheistic religion. In ancient India, Indians were classified by the caste system. Hinduism offered them hope of improving their caste. Hinduism originated in 3,000 b.c. Hinduism has no founder. The Hindus accept their place in society which is called dharma.


A belief of both religions is reincarnation. Meditation is also a really big part of the 2 religions. Both religions were developed in India... Both religions believe in non-violence and compassion. they both worshiped statues.


even though these religions were founded during ancient times, they are still very popular today. consider this: 1.3 billion people practice these religions today!