Expense Report Software

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Expense report software is a highly customizable tool for comprehensive expense management

One of the biggest strengths of online expense report software is in its ability to be customized to the requirements of organizations of all sizes. The software is also highly versatile and supports the different reporting and approval needs of different kinds of organizations. It is the only tool that organizations need to make their expense management processes streamlined and simplified.

The software supports both pre-trip and post-trip aspects of expense management. Organizations that follow a process where employees have to take authorization pre-trip for travel approval and post-trip for expenses approval and reimbursement can configure the software to follow the process. Similarly, organizations that only need post-trip approval can tweak it to reflect that.

Even in approvals, the software is a big help. It automatically routes expense reports to the concerned supervisors. The software can also be configured to send expense reports to delegated authorities in case there is an approver absence or overburden.

By configuring the software according the organization’s travel and expense management policy, strict adherence to policy can be ensured. The software does not allow for the reporting of out of policy expenses when configured to do so.

Another customization the software offers is in its scope. As a standalone application, it helps with all things related to expense management, but when it needs to interact with other business functions, it has to be done online. By integrating that software with expense software, everything can be done digitally without intervening manually.

Online expense report software offers customization even in deployment. You can choose modules you require to run your business process and avoid the unnecessary features you might not ever use. This way, you can keep costs down to a minimum while still enjoying all the benefits the software has to offer.

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