Hearing Loss

By; Madi Barnes

Causes/how the child gets it

Hearing Loss comes from genes. Carries down from parent to child. If you or your partner has family history of Hearing Loss, you will most likely want to go see a gene specialist before getting pregnant.


-not being startled by loud sounds

-not turning towards the sound of a voice

-not imitating sound after 6 months

-not babbling by the time he/she is 1 year old

-not using single words or following simple directions by 18 months

-not using simple 2 worded sentences by the age 2.




*Ear Tubes

*Learning American Sign Language

*Speech Therapy

*Hearing Aids

*Cochlear Implant

Life Expectancy

Hearing Loss does not affect life expectancy

3 important fact or points

Theres two type of genetic hearing loss

1. Syndromic

2. Non-sydromic

Hearing Loss can affect your baby by two things

1. Delayed or limited language and speech development

2. Low self-esteem

Theres three main places where hearing loss can form

1. Outer ear

2. Inner ear

3. Middle ear