IES Coach's Newsletter

Just Some Ways I Can Support Your Work...

  • Review data and then use that data to plan instruction.
  • Navigate the PA-Etep System (including SLO and Action Research).
  • Small group and targeted instruction planning, including differentiated instruction and accommodations.
  • Be a second set of eyes to help pay attention to something you want more information on (behavior, skill, strategy building...)

Important Dates

PA-Etep Dates
  • October 1- Deadline for entering SLO into PA-Etep.
  • October 15-Deadline for Action Research (Differentiate Supervision) proposals, if applicable, submitted in PA-Etep. More information will be given at next week's staff meeting.

September SLO Constructed Response and TDA Grades 2-5

  • Complete and score Sept prompt by Sept 30.
  • Give copies of SLO student responses to me. Elementary coaches will begin to gather information for the creation of anchor papers.

Interested in an Article?

Stop by room 7 to pick up articles on text dependent questions and student led book talks.

They are hanging on the bulletin board. Take a copy if you are interested.

Janis Rindone

IES Humanities Coach

Ext: 5264