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Philosophy of Education

Before i was attending Sonoma Mountain I was attending Casa Grande when I was at casa grande I had a good attitude while at casa and coming into Sonoma Mountain I come in with a good attitude too. I came here to improve the grades and make up my missing credits I had to make up since while at casa I had a really hard time turning in homework on time and failed all my english classes.

So in my opinion we shouldn’t go to school from the 5 or 6 till were 18 or have to take english, math, science, and history I know it is important to take those classes but there some student that don't want to since maybe they want to be mechanics or just go on and get a job and you should be able to take the classes you need for the job you want or the career you want to have.

One skill i need is to be good in math and i understand it well since to be a contractor you need to be good at math. I would also need to take english since you need to know how to talk to people and know how to write since you will be doing a lot of paperwork.

I believe leadership,responsibility,and organization is important since in life you should be all of those since you need to be responsible at your job and organized and always be a leader.

Since i started i would say I have done some changes one change is that i started to pay more attention in class and started to do all my classwork and mostly all the time it's all complete. Another change i have made is that i stopped talking back to teachers and student before I would always get mad when people told me to do things but since i have been here at sonoma mountain i have stopped and I can control myself.


I just started at Sonoma Mountain but since I started I have had a good experience in my English class. The teacher helps me more, and we actually get to work together to get our work done. I have enjoyed everything in this English class so far since I have started it’s a great class to be in. So far I haven’t found anything too challenging or that’s hard. I know furthermore in the year I will find things that get challenging or I just started at Sonoma Mountain but since I started I have had a good experience in my English class. The teacher helps me more, and we actually get to work together.. You as a teacher you’re doing everything right, I like how you read to us in time when we read the book and you stop during the reading to explain what’s going on in the book. Me as a student I should always pay attention, and should always do all my work in time and not to disrupt others if they are working.

One of the assignment I enjoyed completing was the All Quiet on the Western Front Vocabulary. It wasn’t really a big challenge the only challenge was looking them up and writing everything by hand but other than that it was easy. I work pretty hard on it to find all the definitions of all the words they gave us and to write them down. The directions was to go on a website they told us because that’s where they had the right meaning of the words for the book we are reading. The purpose was to know the meaning of the words to understand what they mean while we were reading the book. I specifically choose this assignment to share since this is the one I liked to do and wasn’t that challenging to do and since I had just started school and hadn't done many other projects.


I have had a good experience since I started at Sonoma Mountain a while ago. So far I have enjoyed everything in this history class since i really enjoy history. Since I started I haven’t found anything to have been challenging or hard during this class but maybe more into the year there might be things that I will find challenging or hard. Anderson you as a teacher can keep on being the same helping me out whenever I need help and explain how to due my work when I don't understand how to do it. I as a student should always do all my work on time and always pay attention during class and not be fooling around.

One digital assignment I have enjoyed completing was the propaganda research.The directions were to find three posters that they used in any war to promote war or to get people to go sign up for war the purpose of the assignment was to paste the pictures in a google docs and and explain what was the poster trying to say/mean and from what war it was and why they used the color and pictures they used in that poster.I worked really hard on it since I finished on time and explained everything they wanted.I choose this assignment since I haven't really done many other projects and i really liked and enjoyed this assignment to share.


My experience in this class had been great. Since I started I've enjoyed being in this math class. I have always liked math and i'm pretty good at it. I have enjoyed mostly everything about this class i like how we get to work together in our small table groups and how you help us whenever we are stuck on a problem and you help us resolve it and understand the problem. Some of the challenging things will probably be fractions and maybe once in awhile decimals but other than that I really understand math and I am good at it. Well I just started and I think mathematician is like a person that knows about math that really understands it like a math teacher. Well that is reflected in the way you use your textbook and math notebook etc to understand how to do math they have you do problems and you have to try to solve them yourself and that’s how you get good at math but you have to put in effort to understand it.

One of the assignment i enjoyed during this math class was called area models to distribute, in some ways it was kind of challenging since you really had to use your head to really understand it and try to get an answer. On that assignment I worked pretty hard on since you kind of needed to do a lot of thinking. The directions were to try to find out the numbers that were missing in the problem and get the numbers that have to be in the boxes, the purpose was to use your mind.


I just started a while ago at sonoma mountain and i have had a good experience since i've been here, one of the activities i liked was going down to the creek and getting water samples to see what levels the water was in and we had to write down all the facts and numbers we got so far nothing has been that difficult and hope it’s always like that as a teacher you teach us and explain everything as a student i should always pay attention and always do all my work on time.

One assignment i really enjoyed completing was called the California Waterways student map in some ways it was challenging since you had to find the rivers and places it told you to and some were difficult to find and answer some questions on the back side. I worked hard on the assignment and turned it in on time so i did good on it. If i were to grade myself i would give me an A the original directions were to find all the places it asked us to find and write down a the number it told us to right down next to the place and after color in the rivers and mountains etc, and on the back side we had to answer some questions. I choose this assignment to share since it was one of the first one i have done in science and it was one i liked so that's why i shared it

Academy of science

One of the activities i’ve enjoyed here at Sonoma Mountain was taking a field trip down to San Francisco to the Academy of science. I enjoyed going first because we got like a day off from school and got hang out with our friends all day, while we were down there we had to record yourself talking about an animal or excepit we liked and talk about it. While there we went into the planetarium and it was cool going in there.
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