Why not to update!!

I think having the IOS 7 is not much of a good thing because it is more important to be informed about what going on in life/family then just going along with the every one else.

reasons not to update

  • the text messages don't always go through.
  • when you get old if you still have the phone it can affect your eye vision.
  • it can make you nauseous.
  • you can have trouble downloading the IOS 7 update.
  • you can also have trouble downloading stuff.
  • is has a lot of bugs

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good reasons to update

  • more simplistic icons.
  • camera settings are improved.
  • control center was added.
  • multitasking is more easier.


I would not update your iPhone with the IOS 7 because you may not be able to get messages. They may be very important for example some thing is going wrong with your son and they message you but nothing goes through what will you do??