Falcon Focus

Issue 4, Volume 1 - March 13, 2018

Falcon Focus - A Weekly Flyer Discussing Technology Tools and Ideas!

March Madness is upon us! I had a reader mention that he/she would like some more information about extensions for Chrome and Google Classroom. This week's issue will offer a few extensions that are worth reviewing.

Remember, all staff members can load any Chrome extension, while student Chrome extensions have to be approved. Open your Chrome browser, and click on the links below to learn more about the current student extensions that have been approved:

Alice Keeler Classroom Split,



Share to Classroom

GSuite Training

Quizizz Student


If you have had success with certain Chrome extensions, let me know and I will share out with the staff.

I will always attach the Google Form at the bottom seeking input as to future topics, so please let me know if there is information or resources I can provide concerning other topics. Reminder: I will keep past Falcon Focus topics on our cmfalcons.org webpage, under the Technology department, for your reference. Issues can be found at http://www.cmfalcons.org/departments/technology/falcon_focus.

Google Classroom Time-Savers

This is linked to a podcast that you can skip through to different parts that might be relevant to your level of comfort. Click on the link to check it out!

Chrome Extensions

This week's topic is Chrome Extensions. There are so many extensions available it can be overwhelming. To do a search, open your Chome browser and open https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/extensions. Another option is to check out https://shakeuplearning.com/blog/100-chrome-apps-and-extensions, which is a searchable database of Google Apps and Extensions for grades K-12.

A third option is to check out the .....

Falcon Focus Four (Recommended Extensions)

1. Screencastify

2. Grammarly

3. Share to Classroom

4. Alice Keeler Gradebook Split

1. Screencastify

Screencastify is best described as a powerful extension that will record anything on the screen. A classroom teacher from Gonzales, LA said this about Screencastify:

" I use Screencastify to produce videos including instructional material, technology help for faculty, and live presentations. It is such a versatile tool for teachers and students alike. It can help flip a classroom, individualize instruction, and enhance creativity. It is easy to use and very, very helpful. I also require students to use it to create videos. They find it easy and fun".

(Review can be found at https://www.commonsense.org/education/website/screencastify-teacher-review/4583521)


2. Grammarly

Grammarly is a simple way to improve grammar. A classroom teacher from Freeport, NY said this about Grammarly:

"Whenever I am typing, Grammarly is quietly in the background assessing my work. It will underline places that it has suggestions about my writing. I can then click the link for the suggestion, and the reason. It has helped me edit misspelled words, as well as taught me additional places that I should be using commas in my writing. If you want to use it to help students advance their vocabulary, it can also make recommendations for that (so instead of a student putting and/and/and all throughout a paper, they can learn some appropriate synonyms in context".

(EDITORS NOTE - IN THE REVIEW, FOUND AT https://www.commonsense.org/education/website/grammarly-teacher-review/4579996, SYNONYMS WAS MISSPELLED AND MY GRAMMARLY CAUGHT IT!! HAHA)


3. Share to Classroom

Share to Classroom is an extension that allows a web page to be pushed to all the students in a Google Classroom class. The teacher and the students each need to install the extension. Students can send links to the teacher (but not other students). The extension also allows teachers to add the pushed website to announcements and assignments. The video below will demonstrate how to do this.

4. Alice Keeler Gradebook Split

This is a simple extension but very helpful. This will allow the user to split the screen easily, and the extension can be set to automatically open Progress Book. Let me know if you need help with this.