Mantis Paradise

Hotel for all Praying Mantis


The Mantis Hotel will feel like your own tree or bush but so much better. The Mantis Hotel has an all you can eat insect carnivore buffet, and for time off of the nymph drop them off at the Praying daycare, and go to the Mantis spa.

The Hotel Rooms

The room

Our hotel rooms are made of the finest leaves and sticks, for the most luxury stay. If your hungry but don't want to go out order food service, our food service are the fastest and if they are not there in 2 minutes they are fired and you can get the food for free.

Fun times

Every Sunday there is a karaoke night and the best singer gets crickets for dessert. and every Friday the Paradise band plays. There is also game night for all the little ones.


Our hotel is protected by the best thorns you can get. The thorns are imported by the thorn bush closes to the resort.