Montessori at MVM Thursday 2/11/16

Deepening Our Collective Understanding

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Talent Show: Friday, Feb. 12

(HUGE Thanks to Dina Karakus, Jen Nichols, and Steve Furlow for organizing and producing this event!)

February 15 & 16: No School

School is closed Monday for Presidents' Day

School is closed Tuesday for a Teacher Work Day

ISO: Talent Show Snacks for Intermission!

Dear MVM Families,

This Montessori newsletter is focused on the sense of beauty and wonder that is part of a Montessori education.

The TED talk linked below was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Judi Bauerlein, a 40-year veteran in Montessori instruction, explores the beauty that Maria Montessori brought to the world of education from the logic of a trained doctor and the heart of an attentive watcher.

The talk highlights the value of being attentive, imbuing one's work and learning with worth, and honoring self and others, which creates a clear channel through which creativity can flow.

These actions need not be limited to children in Montessori education - these principles can be practiced by anyone, at any time.

Here's to life-long learning!

Montessori = creativity unleashed | Judi Bauerlein | TEDxLivermore

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