Hoot Hoot Herald

January 18-22, 2016

Reminders and News

I hope you enjoyed the extra day this weekend! Here's a few reminders...

1.Committee Meetings: On Monday, January 25th, we will have committee meetings after school. Tech committee in the library and SEL committee in the conference room.

Other committee meetings will be announced tomorrow if they are needed.

2. Do you have an announcement for the campus ? (meetings, news, or other event?) Please feel free to email Francis Woolsey and she will get your information in the Hoot. That way, staff has one place to look for all campus information.

3. Eva Castro is leaving her clerk position for a Parent Support Position at another school. We appreciate her service to Doss! We are in the process of filling the position and will let you know when we have that nailed down. Eva's last day is Friday 22nd. Please thank her for her time here.

4. Clorex time! Please continue to have students assist you in clorexing common areas. Lots of stomach and fever related illnesses floating around out there.

5. We will have a staff meeting on February 1st. We will also celebrate Mrs. Gustafson's upcoming wedding at this time!!

6. In the works...a) visit Davis to learn about the new evaluation system b) classroom visits by new to Doss teachers on our campus and c)planning for summer camps.

TELPAS Information

Teachers in grades k-12 who are have ELL students in your class and are new TELPAS raters (i.e. you have never rated before), are new to your rating cluster (you have moved from grades k-1 to 2-12), or returning raters who failed the supplemental calibration in 2014-15 MUST complete the online basic training that will be made available on January 27.

In addition, all teachers with ELL students who are new to the district, new to your rating cluster, or were not successful after 3rd calibration in the 2014-15 school year must attend the District TELPAS Holistic Rater Training for New Raters on February 4. Please register for one of the following sessions in HCP:

79787 (7:45-10:45)

79794 (12:30-3:30)

Subs will be paid for by the bilingual department.

Teacher of the Year Finalists

Congratulations to our three Teacher of the Year finalists, Nan-Hee Crawford, Jodi Hughes, and Chris Vrba.

Next week, a short bio will be posted for each of the three teachers in the lounge. Please take a moment to look those over. Voting for our Teacher of the Year finalist will begin the week of January 18th. Again, congratulations to these three teachers!

Science Fair is coming! January 25-29

This year’s fair is being run completely online!!

Angie Bealko Huels is the PTA chair along with Nan-Hee Crawford, faculty chair for science fair this year. Angie placed a letter in your box regarding the science fair with some great information. There is also a science fair viewing sign up in the teacher lounge.

 Wednesday January 20th – Projects Due for All Grades

 Wednesday January 20th – Monday; January 25th Teachers grade all of their students’ projects

 Monday January 25th – Kinder Robots Due – Students take to cafeteria stage and place on risers between 2-3pm

Key points to note:

  • Teachers do NOT need to hand in the rubric to our fair committee. It is only being provided for their grading/evaluation convenience. They can share it with the student/parents, put it in their grade book, or both.
  • There are specific check-in times for every teacher for project drop off and judging to help with the flow of the day. Please use those times.
  • The teacher name represents where the student is at that time of day --- not who their homeroom or science teacher is. We did it this way to help minimize disruptions to classes and simplify check-in.

UPDATED G/T Testing dates

Please note the updated date changes.

Jan. 11-22

· Nomination Window for parents and teachers

· Parent nomination on paper or online

· Teacher nomination only online

Parents are encouraged to confer with teachers prior to nominating their child

Jan. 25-29

· Parent Survey/Permission Forms Due

Feb. 23-25, Feb. 29 & April 1

· GT Testing online in computer lab

Feb. 15- March 7

· Teacher observation and collection of student portfolios

Complete observation survey and inventory; collect student portfolio work samples due to to Hill/Engel by 3/7

March 28 – April 8

· GT Decision Committee Meetings

Specific meeting dates TBA

Fifth Grade Transition to Murchison Information

Here are some key dates for our 5th grade parents:

5th Grade Transition to Murchison:

Jan. 20- 2:00- Murchison counselors will meet with 5th grade to discuss and hand out choice sheets

Jan. 25-29- Counselors will go into 5th classrooms to assist, help answer questions pertaining to choice sheets

Feb. 2

5:30-7:00pm at Murchison

Murchison Choice Sheet Night for parents and students

Feb. 5- Choice sheets due to Murchison

Music Calendar

January 20th- Murchison Orchestra (fifth grade only), during specials- all students to go to the cafeteria.

January 21, 22, 25 - 4th & 5th graders start recorder in music class (kids all need to have their own recorder, may bring their own or $5 for one).

January 26th - Audition/First Rehearsal for Owls with Mallets in Gardner's room 3:00pm-4:00pm (group for 4th & 5th graders, playing percussion instruments)

January 28th - Audition/First Rehearsal for Doss Honor Choir in Tannert's room 3:00pm-4:00pm (group for 4th & 5th graders, choir)

January 29th - First meeting of Recorder Dojo in Gardner's room 7:30am (extra recorder practice time for 4th & 5th graders, anyone welcome to drop in for practice time)

A Note from our Art Department

Come see our Doss student artwork at the Austin ISD Art Show!

The 2016 Austin ISD Student Art show will be held at the Performing Arts Center from January 31st- February 16th. A formal reception will be held Sunday, January 31st from 1-3. The art show exhibits artwork made from Elementary through High school students, at every Austin ISD school.

Counselor's Notes

Self-care is not about self-indulgence, it's about self-preservation.

-Audrey Lorde

Items left for students and Voice Mail

Items Left for Students:

a) The office has tried emailing you to let you know that a student needs to come to the office to pick up an item. Unfortunately, this hasn't worked very well (mainly because you really don't have time to check your email during the instructional day! Which we understand). While we try to limit our interruptions to your instructional time, we are going to have to go back to calling you about items left in the office for students. If you aren't able to answer, we will gladly leave a message. As always, the retrieval of said items is at your convenience (on the way to specials or during recess, for example).

Voice Mail in Classrooms:

b) We have noticed that some voicemail boxes are set up with staff that are no longer in the room. Please make sure that your internal and external voice mail both reflect what you would like for them to say. If you need help, please see the office staff.

Nurse's Notes

Our regular Nurse's Notes are on hiatus for this week, as our amazing nurse has been a bit busy!

Please continue to wash hands often and use hand sanitizer often as there have been a lot of sicknesses going around!

Computer Lab News

Our new student devices (tablets & Chrome books) should be delivered in January or February.

Doss will be notified a week before the equipment arrives and it will take a few more days to test, label, and distribute all the student devices. Please let me know if you have any questions. -James