ESL Notes

Weeks of May 16th to June 2nd

Goodbye 2015 - 2016

Summer Support Surprise

Remember the summer reading materials we were assembling for our ELLs to ensure they have opportunity to maintain their gains? Oops!

Thank goodness there are 12 class days left!

Last Minute Prep

Reading without any follow-up is great, IF you have an avid reader.

For the reluctant, hesitant, or inconsistent reader, let's help them out just a

little bit more, while we have a final opportunity to do so.

No Rest For the Weary

With all the other close-of-year activities you have on your list, this is a GREAT time

for you to hand-off some things to your ELL Specialist.

But All the Fun Stuff

Let's make sure those summer reading bags have some things for the students to do with the selections.

Extensions, written responses, comparisons, characterizations.

All the things we wish they had started the year with.

And THAT'S the Way It's Done...

because we don't want someone to reflect in August or September with, "What DID they do with this child last year?!?"