Mrs. Hessert's Kindergarten Crew

News from Room 304

Pond Cove Post Office and Writer's Workshop

Our writers have been hard at work as we continue with our persuasive writing unit. Students have been working on writing friendly letters to friends, family, and community members to try to persuade them on a variety of different topics! Last week we thought about a teacher we could write a letter to in order to persuade them. Students have written letters to Mrs. Hasson about getting new toys for our recess and to Mr. Shields to convince him to play more volleyball in gym, just to name a few.

We have also been working really hard not to say "How do you spell...?" during writer's workshop. Instead, we came up with a list of strategies that we have in order to spell words we don't know. We can: stretch it out/sound it out, check the word wall, listen for little words, and use print in the classroom. Our last helpful reminder is to not forget the vowel!

Conveniently, our newest dramatic play area is the Pond Cove Post Office! Our class has been having a great time playing in the post office at Free Choice. If you have any supplies that you would like to donate to our post office (envelopes in particular!) we would be happy to have them. Thanks!

Math Club Fun

Last week we visited Mrs. Butterworth in the Math Lab for some fun learning about coins! We will be practicing identifying coins and learning about their values in the upcoming weeks. Our class enjoyed playing a math game on the SmartBoard, sorting coins, and graphing coins!

In the classroom, our math lessons have been focused on 3D shapes. We have talked about how 3D shapes are solid shapes that "pop out" at you. Students will be practicing identifying a cube, sphere, cylinder, and cone.

Reading Buddies

Before vacation we got to visit with our fifth grade reading buddies at the middle school. This time, we even brought our morning snack! We have had such a great time reading to and with our fifth grade buddies this year.

Book Bags and Reading At Home

Thank you to those families for practicing reading with your child using our classroom books and book bags! Students have been coming back to school so proud to have shared their learning with you at home. Please remember to send back any book bags after two days at home so that I can fill it up again with new books to read.

Friendly Reminders

Allied Arts for May 4-8

Monday - Library/Music

Tuesday - Music/Library

Wednesday - Art

Thursday - Computers

Friday - Mrs. Potter

Please try to remember sneakers for gym days and library books for our library days.

MUSIC CONCERT for Kindergarten students is this Thursday May 7 at 6:00PM. Students should be at school at 5:45PM and will report to the classroom while parents find a seat for the show. I can't wait to see you all there!

Contact Information

I hope that these newsletters will give you some great discussion starters to use with your child at home. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time!