Asia Essential Topics

Hunter Bureau and Cory Hurtubise

China's Rise Economically and Growing Influence Around the World

China, with a population now far over one billion is booming to the top of all westernized countries. Their military is strong, their work force is strong, and their economy is even stronger. They profit, unlike America who is deep in debt paying for government, public facilities, army, and many other government ran programs. China however has a thriving government because they do not have as much control over their entire country, but they are very much present in large cities like Beijing. They have a very large and strong army as well. If all of their people begin to live like westernized countries then they could become a powerhouse over the entire world. An arising problem with their economy is that if more income starts going to every person in China, and they start getting more money in China's system and then the entire country will be industrialized supplying goods to the entire world and themselves because of a low wage work force.

-Hinduism vs. Buddhism- Hinduism is different from buddhism because it is all about understanding the existence within their own Atman or Brahma, Whereas buddhism is about finding the Anatman. Buddhism in a whole is just an offshoot from hinduism. Both strive to live their lives in the highest form and to have peace. Buddhism has no gods but Hinduism is Polytheistic. Hinduism is a religion and buddhism is a way of life and those are the main differences. The things in common is that they both originate in asia, and have roots in Hinduism.

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The Kashmir Conflict

The Kashmir Conflict is a conflict between India and Pakistan where both countries claim the same land as their own. Both groups of people have been in a feud and the casualty rate is very high for both groups. Many groups have protested towards each other and many people have died as a result to this feud. It has been going on for a long time and there seems to be no end.
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The Caste System

The Caste system is different levels people in society. Each caste system usually stays together and you are automatically born into a caste at birth. You are required to marry someone in your caste. Many people disagree with this that get placed in a low level and are restricted to ever being something different.
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China's 1 child per family

Because of China’s growing population boom, the people and government were scared because of the conflicts of overpopulation. But they came up with a solution and that is the one child per family law. Each family is entitled to 1 child and 1 child only. This will help lower the population of china but it has a downfall. Many Chinese families want boys so they can carry the family name, but how will China be able to repopulate if the population is all boys?