Spanish 3 Online Weekly Update

Week 8

2 More Weeks!

Can you believe that your student will be finishing up the first quarter in less that 2 weeks? Our quarter will officially end on March 20th and by that time (midnight) your student should have completed through U4. Here are some things you can do to make sure your student is on pace:

  • Make sure they are working 90+ minutes per day. Our assignments require thought and planning. I do not recommend your student trying to cram in their work at the last minute. It is important they do their very best, especially on the unit projects.
  • Ask to see their quarter grade. This can be found in the "First Grading Period (Q1)" It is important for students to know where they stand so they can improve.
  • Encourage them to contact me if they need help. If they are having difficulty, I can help them if they come to me and let me know specifically what issues they are having.

Please remind your student that the deadline for U3 work is Friday, 3/13 @ midnight.

Sra. Blachy's RLC

Thursday, March 12th, 12:30pm

This is an online event.

Other U4 RLCs this week (Please note this is the last week your student can attend a U4 RLC)

  • 3/10 @ 6 pm-Sra. Cast
  • 3/12 @ 5 pm-Sra. Pastorius
  • 3/13 @ 6 pm- Sr. Martin

Contact Sra. Blachy

Please use the link to the doodle page below to schedule a phone conference with me if you would like to discuss your student's progress.