Spanish society in the 19th century

Spain to a modern society

The industrial Economy

The industrial revolution was late and slow and only arrived in places like the Vasque country, Catalonia and large cities. Most of the population worked in fields whith few advanced technology. The railway didn´t appear until the second half of the century.


The industrial Rebolution brought serius social problems: working conditions, child explotation. The peasants also lived in extrem poberty. This inequalities were the reason for the polithical demands or the working class.

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At the beggining of the century, rebolutionary atmosphere and faraway places.


At the end of the century, writers and painters disadvantaged aspects of the industrial society.
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At the end of the century, painters were influected by technological avances on their work.
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Generation of 98

A group of writers and intelectuals who criticised Spanish society called for the modernisation of the country.
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Scientific avances

Several researcherarchived scientific avances , for example, Ramon y Cajal recibed the first Nobel prize for science.
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