Brandon Schmitz

Causes of Homelessness

  • Family loss.
  • Alcohol and Drugs.
  • Natural Disaster.
  • Death of a family member.
  • Loss of job.
  • Family break up.

Examples of Personal Stories

Michael- returned from fighting in Iraq and found himself with a drug and alcohol addiction. That quickly lead to his job loss and then he couldn't afford his home.

Yogi- she became homeless after the death of her husband.

Kevin- he was kicked out of his house at 15 and became homeless.

What can be done?


Recovery Act investment of 1.5 million in homelessness prevention and rapid re-housing did lots.They are also conducting 4 research projects. The first is an evaluation of the Rapid Re-Housing Demonstration Project. The second is a review of models communities. The third is a multi-site controlled comparison of various interventions.


They can work to end all the bad habits that they have got themselves into. They can also try and make friends and they would probably help out a bit. They can use food pantries to get food.


The community can come together and raise money for houses and food. We can also donate old clothes so the homeless can have them. We can donate food to food pantries so the homeless can have and easy and cheap meal.

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