The Republic of Latvia

The Capitol of Latvia and Famous Latvian cities

The Capitol of Latvia is the city of Riga. Riga is located in the middle of Latvia near the Gulf of Riga. Riga is most known for being the largest city in the Baltic States and its dynamic cultural and architectural diversty. Artists from all over the world gather in the concert halls of Riga to perform because it is known to be a very unique and diverse place. Some other major cities of Lativia includes; Jurmala,Liepaja,Sigulda and Jelgava.

The History of Latvia

Latvia wasn't one of the founding countries of the European Union but 11 years ago in 2004, Latvia officially became part of the European Union. Before Latvia was part of the EU it was a part of the Soviet Union(Russia). The Soviet Union occupied Latvia in 1940, one year after World War II started. Latvia became independent from the Soviet Union on May 4th,1990.

The Location of Latvia and Geagraphical Feautures

Latvia is located right above Lithuania, to the right of the Baltic Sea and to the left of Moscow. Countries such as Russia,Lithuania,Belarus and Estonia all surround Latvia. Latvia also has a lot of geographical features. Mountains,rivers,lakes and forests are just some of the many geographical features of Latvia.

The Goverment and Currency in Latvia

The Goverment in Latvia is a parliamentary republic. The constitution of Latvia outlines the parliamentry republic and this is represented by the unicameral parliament and the cabinet of ministers. Latvia uses the euro as its currency,like most countries in the EU,but before they used the euro their currency was the Latvian Lat. One Lat is equal to 1.49 euros and 1.69 US dollars.

The Flag of Latvia

The flag of Latvia looks like a white stripe between to dark red stripes. The red on the stripes represents the blood from a wounded Latvian leader and the white is the cloth used to wrap his wound.

Interesting Facts about Latvia

-the Latvian flag is one of the oldest in the world. It dates back to the 13th century.

-the widest waterfall in Europe is Alcatel in Latvia. It is about 110meters wide

-most people in Latvia speak Russian because it was part of the Soviet Union for a long time.

Tourist Attractions in Latvia

Tourism in Latvia is constantly increasing and places such as Gauja National Park, St Peters Church, and the Freedom Monument are very popular among tourists. The freedom monument is probably the most famous out of these attractions. The freedom monument is a monument in Riga which was made to commemorate the lives lost in the Latvian war for Independence.


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