Blood Chocolate

By Mason Laaksonen and Bailey Butcher

Conflict concerning Chocolate in Africa

Child labor is a major problem in the Blood Chocolate system. It started about a decade ago when children started to be used in the process of making the chocolate. The children were afraid to escape for they would be beaten if they attempted to.
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Cause of Conflict

This conflict arose when people took notice to the beaten kids and strenuous work they were being put through. It was finally realized that this needs to stop.
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Most all of Africa contributes to the child labor but the Ivory Coast is where most of the labor is concentrated. In total, there are more than 284 thousand children working in the chocolate industry as laborors.
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The average American person eats 10-12 pounds of chocolate every year. US chocolate manufacturers us 3.5 million pounds of whole milk to make chocolate. Chocolate is America's favorite flaver, that's why it's so high in demand.

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What has/needs to be done.

A legislation was issued about a labeling system for the chocolate. The industry fought back and a compromise was established to where the companies had to wean their child labor use and certify they did so. The counties need to try to resolve the conflict by going against the labor system. Also, a boycott on chocolate could help solve the problem.