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Whats Going on in the Classroom?


In English class students have just finished writing short stories that they created and took the Think CERCA mid year benchmark. In class we will be going over what we have created and seeing how to improve our writing skills moving forward.

One of the skills that will be focused on is how to get an audience invested or hooked into our writing. As well as, how to perfect our introduction and concluding paragraphs.

Students have also started their book talk projects. They have selected a book that they want to read and will take the month reading and then will present in a casual fashion what they read and what they thought of the book.


6th grade recently hosted the 1st- and 2nd-grade class to talk about shapes, practice their math vocabulary, and learn how ellipses and circles are made around foci (image below). They have since moved on to introductory statistics and learning how to use the power of Google Sheets and Charts to analyze and visually display their information. This unit culminates in learning how statistical information ties to their Social Studies work with population and literacy rates.

7th and 8th grade classes are working through equations and inequalities. They have been learning to analyze different ways that people think and find alternative solutions to the same problem (images below). Through these activities, students are strengthening their critical thinking skills and learning to persevere through tough problems in math.


6th Graders Plate tectonics- If you want to know why mountains form and the North pole is cold, just as a 6th grader! The students are learning about complex interrelationships which exist between Earth’s structure and natural processes that over time are both constructive and destructive.

7th Graders Natural Selection and simple organisms- Ever wonder how you would deal with a natural disaster? If you have no idea what to do, you may want to ask your 7th grader for assistance. The students are developing survival plans and designing items that would enable humans and various species to survive in extreme conditions such as the ocean, desert, arctic, or space.

8th Graders are designing and creating solar cookers based on the principles of heat and thermodynamics. The students are looking forward to demonstrating their culinary skills as they attempt to cook hotdogs, pancakes, marshmallows, eggs or chocolate chips on their solar cookers.

Social Studies

6th Graders - World Regions Case Study - Are the regions of the world similar or different? Working in groups of 3, the students have received a world region to research, study, and present. After identifying the countries in a given region, their mission is to create a data table with the following information for each country: Government type, Language, Religion, Literacy Rate, and Population Pyramid.

7th and 8th Graders - What is Border Security? Is there a single definition or a multitude of answers? In order for the students to understand the present, one must learn the America’s past. Both 7th and 8th grade are presently researching various topics surrounding Border Security. Additionally, the class is creating a large-scale timeline dealing with America’s Immigration Laws and/or Policies.