The Fifth Wave

Presented by Jared Medlock

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Written by Rick Yancey

This is a story about a girl named Cassie in the aftermath of an alien apocalypse, but this is not the type of alien invasion you see in the movies. There were four waves of the attack, in which Cassie, the girl who sat in the back of the class, survived. There is only one problem to her survival. The enemy has her brother, but she promised him she would find him. To keep her promise, she must endure the harsh environment off the invaded world, unable to trust any other human being. Join her in this quest to rescue her brother from the hands of the enemy, and keep her promise.
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Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)

All of the electricity you once loved is gone. Everything that uses electricity does not work anymore.
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Taking out major cities near the coasts just got easier. All the invaders needed was a gigantic metal rod and gravity did the rest.
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A disease that was worse than the Black Plague now spreads across humanity, killing every nine out of ten people.
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The invaders are among us. They could be anyone in the entire world. So now they have placed mistrust between all human beings. They have succeeded in singling us out.
Cassie has survived all four, and now all alone, she is on a suicide mission to keep a promise because at least trying to keep her promise is worth dying for. In this book, there is a non-stop train of action, a little romance, plot-twists, more action, and even more plot-twists.
The 5th Wave Movie - International Sneak Peek
I would recommend this book to everyone who loves a twist to an alien apocalypse. Although I do not think that anyone of this Earth can relate to characters involved in an alien apocalypse, I can say I feel what the characters feel. My favorite part of the book was when Cassie met up with someone from before the space ship arrived, and my least favorite part was the very end because it left me with questions unanswered. If I could change the ending, I would make one of the characters in the story die at the end, during the explosions.