Johnson and Johnson


Briana John 3rd Period APES

What does Johnson and Johnson produce?

Produces the world's largest broadest range of health products

Sustainability Goals

  • Advancing Global Health
  • Advancing Human Wellness
  • Suppliers Sustainability
  • Engaged Health Conscience Employees
  • Safe Guard the Planet
  • Transparency and Collaboration
  • Philanthropy Measurement
Earthwards®: Innovation for a Healthy Future

Sustainability Efforts

  • Effort:Facility CO2: 20 percent absolute recuctioin in facility
    carbon dioxide emissions (by 2020)
  • Effort: Water Consumption: 10 percent absolute reduction in water consumption at manufacturing and R&D locations
  • Effort:Fleet CO2: 20 percent improvement in the vehicle fleet
    emissions efficiency

  • Effort:Clean energy: Increase on-site renewable and
    clean-technology energy capacity by 50 megawatts

Sustainabilty Efforts Progress

  • Progress: Approximately 5.7 percent absolute reduction in facilitating CO2
  • Progress: 2.5 percent absolute reduction in water consumption
  • Progress: 15.8 percent reduction in fleet CO2
  • Progress: 47.6 megawatts installed or in progress for clean energy

Sustainability Efforts Statistics

  • 5.7% Absolute reduction in water disposal
  • Approximately 75% of strategic suppliers have two or more publicly reported sustainability goals

  • 95 % of critical employees have received human rights training

  • Achieved $1.36 billion in spend in 2013, a 10 percent increase for diverse supplies

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Envirnomental Concerns

  • Installing on‐site renewable and clean energy generation
  • Partnering with key suppliers and customers to help reduce emissions across the value chain
  • Securing cost‐effective long‐term renewable electricity purchase contracts in support of new renewable energy technology

  • Driving energy efficiency improvements in all of their operations

Interesting Facts

  • Johnson and Johnson is the second largest producer of solar panels in the U.S.A.
  • largest corporate user of hybrid vehicles, and it gets 30% of its energy from renewable sources
  • Johnson and Johnson has also done a lot to reduce its water footprint, reduce PVC content in products, sell waste as raw materials, and use recycled paper in product packaging

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