Pit River Tribe

By Lilly Duddeck


They live in far California.

Some live on montons other

live on flat land.

Homes are called pit house

in small family villages.

They didn’t form large groups.


They spoke 21 different


How They Got Their Food

They get their food by hunt,

fish, gathering, and



The tools they used are bows,

arrows, weavers,woven baskets,

nets, hand grinders.

Food They Eat

The foods they ate are fish,

plants, grasshoppers, deer,

birds, crows, rabbits, mice,

snakes, frogs, crawfish,

coyotes,salmon, clams,

mussels, acorns, roots,

earbe, and anything they

could bite into.


Thier tradition are

different because

Some families live on

montons other live in

forest or live on flat land