Race To Save The Green Turtle!


What is the Green Turtle?

The Green Turtle is a reptile with a smooth green shell tinted with yellow. It's head and flippers are usually dark brown and covered with rough plates. The lower shell is soft and soon after they are born, will not be able to support the animal alone.

Where do Green Turtles Live?

The Green Turtle's natural habitat is in warm sea beds, and some times can be found along the coast in warm temperatures.
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Why are they endangered?

The population of the Green Turtle is an estimate of 300-400 adult females also known as the nesting population. The Green Turtle population has decreased greatly because they are being targeted by turtle hunters. The hunters use them for delicacy's such as turtle soup, turtle steak and their eggs are also considered edible.
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What Could We Do To Help Save The Green Turtle Population?

A few things we could do to help save the Green Turtle is to make a law that Green Turtle hunting should be illegal. Also there should be a special sanctuary for Green Turtles alone, where they will not be harmed.

Did You Know?

Here are some interesting facts to help you get to know the Green Turtle!

  • The Green Turtle is the largest of the Hard Shelled sea turtles.

  • These great turtles are herbivores, usually feeding on sea grass and algae, although hatchlings are omnivores.

  • The male Green Sea Turtle never leaves the sea.

  • Green Turtles are the fastest of the sea turtles, swimming wise.

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