drinking alcohol can kill you

What can happen to you when you drink alcohol?

When you drink alcohol, you can develop a deadly disease called Cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is very dangerous because it can affect the liver.

Also, if you get intoxicated from alcohol, you can get severe brain damage.

Unfortunately, when you drink alcohol so much, you can die from it.

What medicine do u have to take to recover from alcohol?

If you are in the hospital and you are severely intoxicated with alcohol, you have to drink a liquid called charcoal. It is used to absorb large amounts of alcohol in the stomach. Usually it is very thick and black. When you drink the charcoal, it can stain your mouth and teeth for a couple hours.

What happens to you when you throw up while intoxicated?

If you through up while intoxicated with alcohol you can tear your esophagus.

What else happens to you when you drink alcohol?

When you drink alcohol, you can slow down your heart rate, you can get stomach cancer and stomach ulcers, and you skin can get puffy and warm. Also, your muscles can weaken, your joints can get deformed, and you talk very slowly.

Can you drive while your body is intoxicated with alcohol?

No. You cannot drive if you are intoxicated because you can commit a crime called vehicular homicide. This is a crime of ending a life by drinking recklessly or while under the influence of alcohol, or other drugs. Also, you can kill yourself due to driving while intoxicated.

A tragic story based on drinking alcohol.

A group of girls who are best friends went out to a party where there was alcohol. They had a couple of drinks and decided to go home. On there ride home, the driver was swerving but didn't even realize it. Sadly, they got into an accident with another car. In the hospital, the driver woke up and was alive but her three best friends weren't. She was so upset and shocked she started crying and asked to call her parents. The doctor had to tell her that she can't call her parents because they were also dead. The car that she crashed into was her parents car. She killed her three best friends, and her parents just because she had two drinks of alcohol.

How to stay "alcohol free".

Join a club for school, become part of a sports team, and hang out with friends who are safe and trustworthy. All you have to do to be "alcohol free" is make smart choices and enjoy life.

Rehab centers

A drug and alcohol rehab center is for someone who needs help to stop drinking alcohol or stop using drugs. Betty Ford is a drug and alcohol rehab center. There are many more rehab centers but this one is a main one.