Jan Kasal for Malverne BOE

(and community-driven, parent-led school district)

Father of four—two still enrolled in the district schools, a school and coach volunteer; involved passionately in advocating for children, as well as a local and national public education for the past several years.


  • Influence the state legislation and educational policy makers;
  • Increase state school funding, so taxpayers pay less;
  • Promote the idea of community-driven, parent-led school district;
  • Eliminate unfunded mandates;
  • Collaborate with parents and BOE members on creating well-rounded educational opportunities for all children;
  • Expand alternative pathways to a diploma;
  • Eliminate high-stakes tests;
  • Retain local control of our schools;
  • Improve school-home-community communication.

Contact: twitter.com/JanKasal website: k12ny.org