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November 2020

Free Mental Health Services!

We realize these are challenging times for all. In order to support our employees and their families, we have added a mental health component to our SwiftMD program. If you are enrolled in our District’s medical plan, you and your family will have immediate access to this new service.

SwiftMD can help when you’re feeling down. Discuss everything from depression, anxiety and stress, to struggles with family, work, and substance abuse. Access free, confidential counseling by phone or videoconference. Call 24/7 for an initial assessment and get three counseling sessions at no cost to you. Counselors have a master’s degree and at least ten years of experience.

For service, call the toll free number 833-SWIFTMD (833-794-3863) For online access go to and click "Get Started" to retrieve your login credentials. The District's passcode is AGSD18.

For more details, click the box below.

Directed to Quarantine?

If you've been directed to quarantine by a medical professional due to a COVID-19 exposure, you have the following option until December 31, 2020:

Full and part time employees are eligible for a maximum of 10 Emergency Paid Sick Leave Days. These are in addition to contractual leave provided by the District. If you wish, you may choose to utilize your accrued but unused leave provided by the District (i.e., sick, family illness, vacation or personal) before or instead of requesting Emergency Paid Sick Leave. However, if you choose to do so, you may not change your leave to Emergency Paid Sick Leave at a later date.

Click on the box below to learn how you will be compensated for approved Emergency Paid Sick Leave days. Please note the “up to” daily limit for Reasons 1, 2, and 3. This may be less than your current per diem rate.

See below for instructions on how to apply for Emergency Paid Sick Leave.

How do I apply for Emergency Paid Sick or Family and Medical Leave?

If you wish to request Emergency Paid Sick Leave or Emergency Family and Medical Leave you must do two things:

1. First, enter your absence days into the absence management system using code EPSL (for Emergency Paid Sick Leave) or code EPFL (for Emergency Paid Family and Medical Leave.)

2. Second, complete the form titled "Emergency Paid Sick Leave and Emergency Paid Family and Medical Leave Request" in Frontline Central Forms on or before your first requested EPSL or EPFL leave day. After your request is reviewed, you will be notified through Frontline Central if it is approved or if additional information is required.

Health and Wellness Information

Our benefits broker has provided us with some interesting wellness resources this month. The Live Well Work Well Newsletter discusses how to tell the difference between COVID-19, colds, and the flu. It also includes a recipe for a fall veggie casserole. Additional resources include information about memory and a healthy diet.

Thank you!

Thank you to all of you for what you are doing each and every day to help our students. As we approach Thanksgiving, please remember to take some time for yourself to rest and enjoy time with family.

Need Assistance?

For questions concerning benefits, tuition reimbursement, and salary movement contact Chris Marsala at

For questions regarding personnel or contractual issues, employment and certification, contact Dr. Wendi Lee Kraft at

For questions regarding payroll contact Amy Seamon at