Ridgecrest Library

September, 2013

What can the library do for you?

I can...

  • provide a wide variety of books that will (hopefully!) engage students in reading
  • help students find books they will love to read
  • collaborate in the library or classroom on research, technology, reading, social studies, primary sources, text features, book selection, etc.
  • offer suggestions for read-alouds
  • share books and materials during library time that connect with curriculum
  • support implementation of Common Core (I purchased over 125 nonfiction books last spring in anticipation of an increased need for a variety of nonfiction)
  • discuss text complexity and Lexile with staff and/or students
  • purchase books to support curriculum needs
  • teach about or support Google Apps, Reading Counts, Type to Learn, etc.
  • support technology use
  • and a lot more, just ask!

Things that help me:

  • sending library helpers down with books first thing in the morning on your library day
  • sending library books down at least every other day so we can stay on top of the shelving
  • allowing no more than four students to come to the library at a time for check out outside their library time.
  • telling me specifically what is wrong with a computer you send down (not "this computer is broken" but "this computer doesn't have any printers on the list")
  • sharing what you are doing in class so I can connect with your curriculum, i.e. social studies or science or reading topics. A short email is fine, like "we are studying insects for the next three weeks" is really helpful.

Since Sept. 4th, students have checked out 2609 books.

Checkout limits

  • Kindergarten: 1 book (for now, 2 books later)
  • 1st grade: 5 books
  • 2nd grade: 5 books
  • 3rd grade: 5 books
  • 4th grade: 10 books
  • 5th grade: 10 books
  • 6th grade: 10 books