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By Scott Jacobsen

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A new formative assessment tool that teachers can use in the classroom. This can be done in small groups or as a class using laptops or iPads.4th and 5th grade could use this as easy way to do Exit tickets. You can see live feedback and give credit on the fly. I would be than happy to sit down and explore this tool with you to start implementing it in the classroom.

About Formative

Grade level Ideas for 1st Nine weeks


Science: Unit 3 Observing Properties- Students in groups have a bin of objects and sort by properties. Once sorted, use the iPad to video or record voices of the students describing how they sorted. The videos can be uploaded to google drive and then a QR code can be created to post next to a picture of the sort in the hall.

First Grade:

Math: Unit 1 Addition and subtraction Understanding- Students can use the App Sock Puppets. Once they have a number sentence sentence written, they can create a sock puppet performance explaining their their story problem. This video can be saved to the photos and then upload to Google drive. A QR code can be created to post in the room or hall. Students could also use Educreations and create a video of creating the number sentence and

Second Grade:

Social Studies: Unit 1- After going over Constitution Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Thanksgiving Have students get in groups and each group gets an iPad and using the app 30hands create a presentation describing the holiday and it's importance. The students can then save it to iPad and can be uploaded to google drive and then shared via QR Code or put on the class website.

Third Grade:

Social Studies: First 9 weeks- Students create a tree map using an app called MindMup through their google drive. They will use mac airs to access. The students will be creating a tree map for

(A) describe the basic structure of government in the local community, state, and nation; Readiness Standards(B) identify local, state, and national government officials and explain how they are chosenReadiness Standards

Once the Tree Map is made it can be saved to their Google drive and then shared with the teacher.

Fourth Grade:

Science: Unit 3- Mixtures/Solutions- After discussing what Mixtures and solutions are and how they differ, students will use Pic Kids (Pic collage for students) and create a collage of images representing mixtures and pics representing solutions. Students label images correctly. Teacher can decided how many examples are needed and which will tell students which collage to use. You can also have students label solutions with components that make it a solution.

Fifth Grade:

Science: Unit 5 - Electrical Energy and circuits- Quick little assessment for students. Once discussion has happened about types of circuits, the students have to create a complete, incomplete, series, and parallel circuits. Students take an image of each circuit and then use Pic Kids (Pic Collage for students) to create a collage. Students will then save it to their camera roll and then upload to google drive or turn it in to Google Classroom.