Social Media 101

Overview of Usage in the Classroom

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Advantages of Social Media

1. Have the opportunity to help students develop social media skills that will prepare the students for the real world. (Hagler, 2013)

2.Using Social Media helps students learn how to collaborate. (Hagler, 2013)

3. Several students working together can correct each other's misunderstandings and can make much more progress on tasks. When one student gets stuck, another might have just the right idea to move things along. This enables students to become responsible for more of their own learning. Over time, they begin to adopt the strategies they see their peers use successfully and learn to ask themselves critical questions raised by their peers. (Hiler & Paul, 2006, p. 2)


The integration between social media platforms and learning has drawn attention, changing the way teachers work and students learn. (Nedd, 2013)

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Disadvantages of Social Media

1.The lack of knowledge of how to use social media professionally is a reason for teachers to teach students the professional use of social media. (Hagler, 2013)

2. Some schools lack the technology to be able to include instruction on social media. Lack of funds for technology and/or technology teachers is but one reason the use of social media is not taught. (Hagler, 2013)

3. Students need clear guidelines as far as appropriate usage of technology in classrooms and without guidelines students could possibly take advantage of using technology devices during class time as a distraction. Also, students need to have background knowledge about safety standards for safe socializing on the internet.