The nautilus breathes by means of two pairs of gills

My 7 facts about my Nautilus

:Nautilus can reach 8 to 10 inches in diameter. Its shell is white to orange in color and covered with brown stripes. Inner side of the shell is pearly.

:Shell is divided in chambers. Nautilus is born with 4, but it expands number of chambers throughout a lifetime. Adult nautilus usually has more than 30 chambers. Animal is located in the newest and the largest chamber.

:Chambers of the shell are filled with gas and water. By changing the amount of gas, nautilus adjusts its buoyancy.

:Nautilus moves by jet-propulsion. It ejects huge amount of water through a siphon. Position of the siphon determines in which direction nautilus will travel: backward, forward, upward or downward.

:Nautilus has 90 long tentacles, located outside the shell. Tentacles are covered with ridges and grooves which facilitate manipulation of prey.

:Nautilus has a parrot-like beak which slices the food roughly. Another organ, called radula, grinds the food before swallowing.

:Nautilus hunts and eats crabs, shrimps and fish. It also feeds on dead animals.

Nautilus - David Attenborough
Chambered Nautilus Swimming Pompilius Mollusca CEPHALOPODA Ancient Creature (Recored in Thailand)