for Pam Dumke

Our years have been filled with glitz, glitter, and flare

As Pam has brought sparkle that no one else dare.

She has brightened our days with her wit, charm, and spunk,

And has kept us from years of despair, gloom, and funk.

We will always remember Pam and her razzle,

And the way she has flattered herself with her dazzle.

And without her our days will forever be frazzled.

From her white, black, and red leather to her boots and high pumps

She has gotten our attention and has always held trump,

We will miss all the fashion and the cheer that she brings

As she writes a new chapter of much simpler things.

From computers and smartboards to software and lamps

Now she’ll spend all her days getting ready to camp.

Oh, the money she‘ll save on the clothes she won’t need,

That will make Terry very happy indeed!

Her techie days will come to a close,

But she will continue keeping Terry on his toes.

Good luck to Pam, (and to Terry as well) have fun, and don’t fret over leaving us up a creek without a sparkling paddle!

We love you Pam and you will missed terribly!

Open House

Wednesday, Nov. 28th 2012 at 3:30-5:30pm

PHS Technology Center