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Dec. 7-11, Highlights of the week...

*Maria the elf continued to visit daily, surprising us with where she ended up.

We learned about Hanukkah- making potato latkes for snack and learning to play the dreidel game.

A quick trip to France (in the E1 jet) was a great experience.

We made a holiday favorite from Norway called kransekake (see pic below), thanks to Mrs. C for sharing her special pan.

We learned about how Sweden celebrates the holidays. We made St. Lucia bread, crowns, star hats and star sticks.

Our Breakfast and Scram was great, thanks so much to all who were able to attend.

Ask your child about Judy, Jimmy and the Cinnamon Bear.

Next Week

Tuesday Night- Montessori Parent Night, 5:00-6:30, please join us to learn more about the Montessori materials. (Childcare will be available)

*We will continue to learn about holiday celebrations around the world.

SNACK- Calvin, Lucy, Owen, Ayla and Sophie G.

(We will celebrate Sophie G.'s 1/2 birthday.)

Upcoming Dates

Dec. 23, AM- Winter Fun with St. G K-2.

PM Snowshoeing with E1 (weather permitting) 1:00, parents are welcome to join us.

NO School- December 24 - January 3. See you back at school on Monday, January 4th.

Montessori Material of the Week..... Maps and Flags

December is the perfect month to introduce maps and flags to the Children’s House, if they have not already discovered them. Here at NPMLC, we actually started in October with the study of the whole world map, globes, and land forms.

During December we introduce the continent of Europe to the Children’s House. Maria Montessori realized in developing the “whole child” it is best to bring what is going on in their world, into the classroom. During December, many children have celebrations that originated from around the world; Christmas, Hanukkah, Los Posadas, Gud Jul, etc…

From the globe, to the world map, to the continent of Europe, to the country of Norway (our Krasenkake that was at Breakfast Scram). The children can take out the maps, place them on control maps, color the continents and countries, or choose to punch out the continents and discover the shape. We learn about the countries traditions, their foods, people, clothings, etc…

We even went on a trip to France with the E1 classroom!! We bring the world into the classroom. We work at developing the “whole Child”!

Ms. Karla

This weeks video....