"Lockdown" Alexander Gordan Smith

by Sam Goedert


The main idea of this story is that the main character, Alex, is framed for murder and sent to prison in furnace penitentiary, but the world does not know what lies inside. In this prison people are taken from their cells in the middle of the night and never seen from again. Alex meets some people and together they try to escape.


The main character of the book is Alex Sawyer. He is friends with Carl Donovan, and Zee Hatcher.
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In the book there are man eating dogs with no skin that obey the guards and viciously murder anyone who gets in their way
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These horrible creatures have 'ancient' gas masks stitched into their face and the take the prisoners from their cells in the night and preform 'surgery' on them.
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A symbol in this book is Sunlight = Freedom


This book is part of a large story about Alex Sawyer's attempts at escaping.
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Point of view

This book is written in first person (In Alex's eyes)


Furnace Penitentiary is where all of the murderers that are minors go.
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I rate this book 8.5 out of 10
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