Presidential Evaluation

Barack Obama

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Basic Information

President Obama was born Aug 4th, 1961 in Hawaii. His father was actually from Kenya but his mother was from Kansas.

He was raised in a middle class family growing up, and with scholarship money was able to attend college.

He now is married to a now former attorney Michele Obama and has two daughters, Malia and Sasha.

Political Background

President Obama is a Democrat and has been his whole political career.

Obama was first elected in 2008 over Republican John McCain despite his very short political career, and outspent him by hundreds of millions and spent over a billion dollars during his reelection campaign.

He was awarded the democratic nomination and won the 2008 presidential election, and won re-elction in the 2012 election over the republican nominee Mitt Romney.

He is the first African American to become president of the United States.

Obama had a summer job at one of the most prestigious corporate law firms, Sidney Austin LLP. He also taught law part time from 1992 to 2004 at the university of chicago.

He was also given a nobel peace prize and is the third sitting president to be awarded one. They gave it to him for "his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples".

Political Views

Obama is a Democrat. He has many socialist views and said he wants to spread around the wealth. He believes strongly in giving people welfare, and other entitlement programs to people even if they don't work or deserve them. Obamacare is a good example by making healthcare government running and giving people free healthcare through the government if they can't afford it.

Laws/Legislation proposed

Obamacare - Government run healthcare.

Assault weapon ban - Ban on military style rifles.

High capacity magazine ban - Ban on weapon clips that hold more than 10 rounds.

Back to school - Plan to make healthier school lunches and involve kids in more physical activities.

Major immigration reforms.

Trillion dollar stimulus package.

Signed the NDAA bill - Allows for people be detained indefinitely without trial.

Overview of Presidency

Obama has not helped the U.S economy at all and for the first time he cause our credit rating with other countries to go from "AAA to AA+". Obama has left us so far with a 16 trillion dollar debt and has only blamed it on George Bush and has not taken responsibility. He has passed trillions in stimulus bills that have all failed to help our economy and the number of people that are unemployed continues to rise.

He is also responsible for signing the sequester cuts, which has only cut jobs in these hard economic times and has blamed the Republican party for not agreeing to "his terms" and blamed the sequester cuts on them even though signed the executive order. He has also spent billions of dollars on bailouts alone, he has bailed out corrupt huge wall streets firms and motor companies with government money.

War time effectiveness

Obama was responsible for the death of Osama Bin Laden on May 2, 2011. Osama was responsible for the september 11th attacks. Since Obama has been president the death rate of our troops have almost doubled. He has also violated the "wars power act" and attacked Libya even against his own defense secretaries advice.


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