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Spring Garden Elementary PTA

February 10th

Hello all!!!!

Happy Valentine's Week. I know that the kids are getting excited about the upcoming parties. Valentine parties will be held on Friday afternoon starting at 2:00 pm. If you are planning on attending the party, please make sure that your background check is up to date on the HEBISD website at The website processing background checks has been down recently, but we were notified that the problem as been fixed.

Friday will also be class and individual spring pictures. Help make your child look his or her best that day.

Box Tops


Spring Garden families, we are doing a GREAT JOB of collecting Box Tops this year! We have one more chance to make your Box Tops count towards the 2015-16 school year. Please continue to check your packages and boxes as you enjoy your cereal, your fruit juice, your frozen vegetables, your yogurt, and your granola bars. There are so many brands that participate in Box Tops, they’re in virtually every aisle of the grocery store, even the organic food aisle — and also every room of your house. If you’re the kind of person that would pick up loose change you found on the floor, then you’re the kind of person that collects Box Tops. Together, just two or three Box Tops at a time, we’ve collected over a thousand dollars this year! That’s money spent directly on materials that benefit YOUR students. Way to go!

Remember these are products you’re buying anyway — just clip the Box Tops first. Easy! Grandparents and relatives can collect too! For more information, and for great coupons, visit

We also collect UPCs for Labels for Education. These can be found primarily on Campbell’s cans (of soup and stock), Pepperidge Farm packages (Goldfish crackers, cookies, breads), V8 (juices and snacks) and Pace/Prego (salsas and pasta sauces). A list of products can be found at


Box Tops and Labels should be delivered to the Treasure Chest in the front office. You can attach them to a flyer, or you can leave them loose in a small envelope or bag. You don’t have to count them. You don’t have to trim them. Incomplete flyers accepted! We’ll collect everything and submit it together. That’s it! And each student that brings in 25 gets cool spirit stick swag!


We could use a couple of volunteers to help with the packaging and submission. All it would take is a commitment of an hour a week, until March 1. For more information, call or text Vy at (214)707-8135.

Upcoming PTA Events

Mark your calendars

February 12th - Spring picture day

February 12th at 2:00 pm - Valentine's Party

February 22nd - March 3rd - Collecting books for Annual Book Swap

March 5th - Book Swap (more information coming)

April 8th - Spring Carnival