Essential Question 3

By Jake Roughgarden

Traditional Indian Life

In traditional Indian life each men and women have very different roles. When you are a women you don't have as much freedom as a man would. Women would mainly just help out with the kids and the house. A man would work and take care of his family. Some traditional clothes people wear are Indian salwar kameez, a turban, a dhoti, a kurta, a sherwani, and a Indian sari. There are also traditional Indian food like rajasthani, mughlai, kashmiri, gujarati, punjabi, bengali.

The Caste System

Long ago in India there was the caste system which was a system they put people in social groups that they would e in for their whole life. These groups were Brahmana which was the highest, Kshatriya being the second, Vaishya being the third, Shudra being the fourth, and the lowest were the Untouchables. The Untouchables were so low that even touching them would make you an Untouchable. This was used to give peop,e rules on what they can and cannot do.

The Role of Women

According to Hinduism, the female was created by Brahman to provide company for men. The Vendas says that women should help their husband. Her primary goal is to give birth to children and to take care of them. In Hinduism it is male dominate so being a women is a secondary role. Even though Hindu's consider women a secondary role they still believe in many female deities.

India's Role and Rise in the Global Economy

As said throughout this flyer India is becoming very powerful in terms of money. Middle class citizens have high end items which means that they are becoming a super power that might even be stronger than the U.S. As the chart shows Asia (where India is located) is a lot more GDP than these other continents. This shows that India is becoming very wealthy and is rising in the global economy.

How has Indian Culture become Globalized

Indian Middle Class

In 1985 in India studies showed that many people lived on less than a dollar a day. But recent studies have shown from that many middle class citizens in India have high end cars and designer clothes. This is very important for India because this means that they can become a super power like the U.S. This means that India is becoming more advanced and since they have a large population maybe even more advanced then the U.S.

How Could Becoming Globalized Affect Traditional Life

Becoming globalized is good, but it can affect traditional life. It can get in the way because you wouldn't be wearing some of the traditional clothes that you would normally wear. You would wear more modern things. Another way it could get in the way is that you may not preform all the rituals that you might be doing if India wasn't globalized. You may not go to religious events because you rather go somewhere else.

Can India Become a Super Power Like the U.S.?

I think that India can become a super power like the U.S. because they have a very large population which is still growing and that because of their growing population their government will make a lot of money and because of the growing population there will be a lot of jobs for people. India over has over 1,280,000,000 people and the population is still growing. And because of this growing population the government and different businesses will get money because they would sell goods to these people. Also because of all these people there would be a lot of jobs so many people wouldn't be in poverty. And because people would be in poverty there would be less crime. This is why India can because a super power like the U.S.


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